I am not offering a group programme at this time.


May 2024

Integrating Somatic Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Mindfulness

We will be holding a 10 week closed group focused on exploring the parts of yourself and somatic experience. Closed refers to the container which will be held for everyone. This means the group will consist of the same participants throughout. Once the group begins in May, no new participants can enter the group. We do this, to offer a space where you can all have the time and space to drop into your experience with more depth and connection.

We will incorporate Somatic Therapy, Focusing practice, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and mindfulness practices. Our intention is to offer a space to be embodied, curious, being aware of systems in place surrounding and influencing this human experience. This will be a space to confront your edges and your stuck points with the support of a group and two listened therapists.

This space is for you if you would like a deeper, more embodied experience of your own unique healing journey. We will do experiential exercises that are all optional to participate in so that you might learn and integrate new ways of processing trauma, pain, or any other difficult experiences you have had in your life. You will have more tools to be with and process strong emotions and physical responses to pain, anxiety, depression, etc. You will have a space to further integrate and digest trauma and emotions. You will have a better understanding of your nervous system and your body’s experience of life.

We will celebrate and welcome present centered awareness, non violent communication, a safe enough container (creating boundaries and group norms together), authentic relating, harvesting joy, embodiment, inclusivity and diversity, and finally; trust in how this group naturally unfolds and takes on its own rhythm and harmony with one another. No matter how you identify you are welcome in this space.

Here are the details:

  • 10 week long closed group (once the group begins more participants cannot join)
  • 2 hours in duration, meeting weekly starting 8th May
  • 6-8 people and 2 facilitators
  • Group will focus on community support, emotional awareness (awareness of parts of yourself and your somatic experience).
  • 40€ per group session per member.
    If you would like to join the group but truly cannot afford it, please still reach out as we don’t want that to be a limiting factor.
    Should you want to make a donation on top of your entrance fee to support our scholarship program please let us know.
    We want this group to be as inclusive as possible.
  • Payment is taken in two installments. The first half at the beginning of the group (200€) and the second half midway through (200€) totalling 400€ for 10 weeks of group and 20 hours of in person group time.

If any of this sparks your interest or curiosity, please reach out to Daniel or Jammie to learn more! You can find their contact information below.

Meet your facilitators

Jammie Martin

Jammie Martin

My name is Jammie (pronounced [Jay - Me), my pronouns are she/they. I am a white bodied, non-disabled, person. I grew up in the US with roots in Ireland and Italy. I have lived in Berlin for the last three years. I offer one on one psychotherapy through the lens of Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, Mindfulness, and Somatic Therapy. I have supported people through grief, addictions, relationship dynamics, family conflict, complex trauma, life transitions, exploring gender and sexuality, understanding/digesting and unraveling emotions, religious trauma, life as an expat, and incorporating more embodiment into life.

Now I primarily focus on Trauma Integrating Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy. This means I take a dynamic, non pathologizing approach to exploring (with) you the complex systems at play on all levels inside you (mentally, emotionally, physically, and (per your beliefs) at times spiritually). And systems surrounding you. I hold an intersectional feminist lens when offering therapy; meaning I continue to be aware of and validate that oftentimes our experiences are influenced by structures that surround us (colonialism, patriarchy, capitalism, etc.) I support people in understanding the parts of themselves and how they show up somatically (in the body), emotionally, imaginally, and cognitively.

I am a US licensed therapist and IFS Level 1 trained through the IFS Institute. I have taken various trainings such as; A Compassionate Approach to Treating Trauma and Addictions with Cece Sykes and Richard Schwartz, Felt Sense Polyvagal Model: A Certificate for Treating Trauma and Addiction with Jan Winhall (focused on somatic approach to exploring addiction and recovery). And currently partaking in Chris Burris’ training ‘Creating Healing Circles: Using the IFS Model in Group Therapy’. I like to spend time being close to this Earth, practicing yoga, cooking, and embracing my creativity.

Daniel Holbach

Daniel Holbach

I’m Daniel, my pronouns are he/him. I grew up in the South West of Germany, close to Luxembourg and France and landed in Berlin about 18 years ago. At the time I was still working in Tech and had studied Computer Sciences before. It was during my own process which involved a significant time in group as well, that I realised I wanted to change course in my life and support others in their process and pass on the gift of therapy. As you can probably tell from my own story, I firmly believe in second chances in life.

Everyone’s process is different and what proves to be a resource and helpful is very individual. During my own process, I could see how therapy involving the body can be a lot more immediate than staying purely on the verbal and cognitive level. Our body always acts as a bridge: a bridge to experiencing, to our next impulse, to expression and to learning something new. When our thoughts are going around in circles, or we thought about it all and thus feel like we are stuck, our body can show us new ways and open the gates. In the course of the process we can learn to experience more fully, feel more connected to our body, feel more secure and trust our body again, to draw from its wisdom and strength again and thereby become whole again.

Psychotherapeutically I have gone through a number of trainings, both in Trauma and Body Psychotherapy. Four years of Body-oriented Psychotherapy at the IfK in Berlin, I am in my final year of training of Somatic Experiencing, and did a number of workshops in adjacent fields, also involving parts work, e.g. Healing the Fragmented Self with Janina Fisher and Somatic Ego-State Therapy with Maggie Phillips.